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past projects

Presentation Haunted House

created by Hive Performance Collective

presented by Presentation House Theatre


We collaborated with Aliya Griffin, of The Troika Collective, to create our spooky micro-peformance! Such a perfect mashup of our aesthetics, an unladylike troika.

Jessica Hood as the "good wife" who "knows her place",
Rachelle Miguel as the "good girl" at her first communion,
And Aliya as the wild woman, reminding us to reject the patriarchy!

those whom fortune favours 

created for HIVE 2019

presented by Presentation House Theatre and Magnetic North Festival

HIVE postcard ver 4.jpg

those whom fortune favours was a collaboration between Jessica, Rachelle, and Sarah Roa. The devising process for this piece began with a meme which pictured Disney's Sleepy Beauty and the text "In the original text, Sleeping Beauty was not kissed awake by a prince, but raped by a king and woken by childbirth". We then took further inspiration from that original text, Giambattista Basile's Sun, Moon, and Talia. Upon discovering our performance space had three full-length windows, we distilled our piece into three vignettes. The first featured an Instagram-influencer Sleeping Beauty (@arosebriaranyothername) dealing with derisive comments from @thepatriarchy and @b3autystandards. The second vignette saw a movement piece from the perspective of the aging and jilted queen who warns Sleeping Beauty of mens' fading affection. In the final section, the fortune-telling frog, who gave fortunes to both Sleeping Beauty and the queen, gets dissected by the former and reveals a cryptic fortune to a chosen audience member.

bad eggs by Jessica Hood

a staged reading presented by the rEvolver Festival

announce photo_bad eggs.jpg

In bad eggs, Persephone, Hades, and Eve (as in “Adam and Eve”) are all living in the modern world. Persephone and Hades have eloped and are now trying to have a baby. Growing anxious, Persephone goes to the fertility doctor, Eve, who also happens to be her mother. Her world crumbling around her, Persephone must discover who she really is, aside from being a wife and daughter. Through a feminist and darkly comedic lens, this play explores the parallels between the two myths, a serpent Hades and two women who ate “forbidden” fruit, and unearths the modern and mythic cause for an abusive marriage and a strained mother-daughter relationship.

Jessica Hood as Persephone

Melissa Oei as Eve

Carlen Escarraga as Hades

Director: Jamie King

Stage directions read by: Jess Amy Shead


"Congratulations, Jessica and company, for a beautiful reading of an exquisite and exciting new play. Thrilling, surprising, squirmy, funny, painful. I’m eager to see the full production. Wonderfully done, all." -- audience feedback

"The sound of cracking eggs was chillingly satisfying to hear!" -- audience feedback

The [Organization] by Rachelle Miguel

in association with Urban Ink Productions

The [Organization] poster square.png

The [Organization] is a story that follows Wren, a young Asian-Canadian, as she tries to meet deadlines whilst being bombarded with prejudice and toxic masculinity from co-workers and management. Navigating through an office culture filled with racial slurs, sexualization of women, and aggressive competition, Wren struggles between maintaining her sense of right and wrong and toeing the company line. The [Organization]  features a diverse and female centric cast, a reflection of the composition of Vancouver’s workforce.

Grace Le as Wren

Joy Kriekenbeek as Sheila

Henry Beasley as Lyle

Francis Winter as Mike

Piril Sesli as HR

Melanie Yeats as The Boss


Director: Gavan Cheema

Stage Manager: Teresa Leung

Playwright/Producer: Rachelle Miguel

Producer/Production Designer: Jessica Hood


"This wasn’t just about sexism, racism, it’s all the isms, all the crazy things that happen in a workplace...I think it’s really about starting a conversation...Even though this is the first play by a new production company, they’re onto something here and I’d love to see more by them. More insight, more thought-provoking pieces. And kudos to the performers, I think they all did a great job." -- Karen Roller, Theatre Addicts

"It was a fantastic play and a great performance." -- audience feedback

"I also love how thought provoking the topics of the play were.  I have been in the workforce for many years like a lot of other people, and it really resonated with me how accurately the office politics were reflected in the play." -- audience feedback

"I thought the audience experience was delightful - I loved being led into the space and I loved the intimacy of it and how close we were to the actors.  I thought it was staged very thoughtfully and I really like the percussive bits for the passage of time.  The acting was concentrated and disciplined, especially for being so close." -- audience feedback

Performance for BC Labour Heritage Book Launch

We performed two scenes we adapted from the book

"On the Line: A History of the BC Labour Movement" by Rod Mickleburgh. 



Jess Amy Shead

Sindy Angel

Nathania Bernabe

Jessica Hood

Rachelle Miguel


"There were cheers, tears and a standing ovation for Jessica Hood, Rachelle Miguel, Sindy Angel, Jess Amy Shead, and Nathania Bernabe (The Unladylike Artist Collective) at Tuesday's book launch of "On the Line". The actors performed two stories: Mother Jones' 1914 speech to striking miners on Vancouver Island, and Hospital Employees' Union members' struggle after Bill 29 and the Supreme Court in 2007 establishing collective bargaining as a Charter Right. A night to remember! THANK YOU!"  -- BC Labour Heritage

"Fantastic and moving performance by The Unladylike Artist Collective on @HosEmpUnion members' struggle after Bill 29 to their Supreme Court in 2007 establishing collective bargaining as a Charter Right."   --Tweet by HEU

"...brought tears to my eyes."  -- Ken Novakowski

"Thank you so much. Everyone really enjoyed it and the performances were a great way to bring parts of the book to life. I know that the HEU folks were really moved."  -- Denise Moffat

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