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bad eggs

by Jessica Hood

Persephone and Hades have been trying to have a baby for nearly a year with no luck. Growing anxious, Persephone decides to see the fertility doctor, Eve, who also happens to be her mother. Problem is, Eve hasn’t spoken to her since she eloped with Hades, and Persephone has debilitating panic attacks whenever she tries to leave the house. Her world crumbling around her, Persephone must discover who she really is, aside from being a wife and daughter. Through a feminist and darkly comedic lens, bad eggs explores the parallels between two women who ate “forbidden fruit”.


Sarah Roa as Persephone

Raes Calvert as Hades

Lissa Neptuno as Eve


Playwright/Producer - Jessica Hood

Producer - Rachelle Miguel

Director - Pedro Chamale

Director of Photography/Editor/Lighting Designer - Jessica Han

First Assistant Director - Teresa Leung

Set Designer - Kimira Reddy

Costume Designer - Emily Fraser

Composer/Sound Designer - Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi

Dialogue Editor/Colourist: Emily Robertson

Sound Editor: Brayden McCluskey

Animator: Emily Pickering

Camera Operators: Joseph Hirabayashi & Dan Loan

Head Gaffer: Jamie Sweeney

Sound Technician/Boom Operator: Fletcher Mussett


Produced with the cooperation of the Union of BC Performers.

With the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, rice & beans theatre, KW Studios, and Presentation House Theatre.

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